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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

myanmar sex

myanmar sex

Sex Trafficking in Burma and Thailand

Lin Lin" did not know what was going on until a man came into her room and started touching her breasts and body and then forced her to have sex
Burmese sex workers also operate in Yunnan, China, particularly the border town of Ruili. The majority of Burmese prostitutes in Thailand are from ethnic
Myanmar Sex Video 1984 : Moe Moe Myint Aung & Kyaw Thu are having
China's border with Myanmar | Sex and drug trafficking in China
Myanmar's sex worker clinics offer solace from stigma
YANGON here :: Thida Win Got HIV after selling her body on the Yangon streets,

it was her fellow sex workers

The Top project, run almost entirely by those in the sex trade, gave her treatment, a place to be herself away from the dual stigma of HIV and prostitution -- and eventually a job. see article list here

"I am now a health worker for my community and I can forget I am positive. I am so proud to work for the programmes, I will work for them for my whole life," the 33-year-old told AFP.

Top and similar projects are a vital resource in army-dominated Myanmar, where a chronically underfunded health service, large itinerant populations and poor education fuel one of Asia's worst HIV epidemics.

"When I was diagnosed I was pregnant and they told me how to find a safe way for the baby. So the child is negative and I am so happy," Thida Win said.

Nearly one in five of Myanmar's estimated 60,000 sex workers were infected with HIV in 2008.

A United Nations report from August last year said legal constraints and discrimination made it hard to reach those in the trade, which is illegal. Surveys suggested police even used condoms as evidence for arrest.

Top founder and director Habib Rahman said providing a place free from taboos and letting people share their problems with contemporaries was a key aim for the project.

"Even the cleaner comes from the sex worker community, the counsellors are also sex workers. That's one of the reasons I decided to recruit from the community -- because there should not be any stigma and discrimination," he said.

Rahman said many women enter sex work without knowing about the risks.

"In general in Myanmar I do not think there is any sex education in school," he said.

The project recruits former and current sex workers to help educate others about HIV, spreading the message from a position of trust within the community.

"We cannot tell anyone to stop selling sex even though they are positive but what we do is tell them how they can keep healthy and protect the client by using condoms," said Rahman.

He said Top's part-time "peer educators" who chose to continue in the sex trade were encouraged to always use protection, while full-time employees were instructed to stop selling sex altogether.

Myint Myint contracted HIV soon after being recruited to work in a brothel following the break-up of her marriage. She said her clients, mainly local bean and fish traders, had often been reluctant to use protection.

"I have faced violence with customers who don't want to use condoms. This is a big problem. I think customers don't know about condoms. They think they are plastic rubbish," said the Top peer educator who continues to sell sex to a few of her old clients.

HIV transmission in Myanmar occurs "primarily through high-risk sexual contact between sex workers and their clients", as well as men who have sex with men and their partners, according to the UN report.

It said while injecting drug users have the highest HIV prevalence, at 36 percent, they are also likely to pay for sex and "this interaction may refuel the sex-work-driven epidemic".

Years of neglect by the ruling generals -- Myanmar spent just 0.9 percent of its budget on health in 2007 -- have left foreign donors facilitating most of the country's HIV treatment.

A new government, which came into power after controversial November 2010 elections, has raised hopes of more investment from overseas donors -- but not the state, which is expected to spend around 20 percent of outlay on the army this year.

In 2009 the UN estimated 240,000 people in Myanmar were living with the virus and while there have been improvements, the situation remains worrying with prevalence rates the third highest in Asia after Thailand and Papua New Guinea.

"The HIV epidemic in Myanmar is on a decreasing trend and among the key population groups it is also reducing -- but it is still really quite high," said Soe Naing of UNAIDS in Myanmar.

He said some state provision for HIV treatment does exist in big cities, "but of course the standards and situations are not ideal. People are reluctant to go to them because of privacy issues and quality".

Top clinics provide everything from testing and counselling to routine medical care.

Last year it gave treatment and consultation to 11,770 female sex workers and 10,727 men. It also accounted for 40 percent and 82 percent of all HIV tests for those groups respectively in the country.

The programme, which was formed by Population Services International (PSI) seven years ago, now employs 350 people -- 95 percent of whom are from the sex worker community and men who have sex with men -- in 19 towns and cities.

In Myanmar, where the US estimates around a third of people were below the poverty line in 2007, money worries are likely to continue to drive people into sex work.

Thida Win, who was still a university student when she first sold sex, said the financial burden of marriage and children only pushed her further into the trade.

"I got my degree with sex work, I supported my family very well with sex work," said the chemistry graduate, who said her earnings still help support seven family members.
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Burmese Girl Nude Banner

Social Problem

Myanmar Sex Burmese Child Sex Slaves Child prostitutes

Myanmar Sex Burmese Child Sex Slaves Child prostitutes

Myanmar Gossip about Sex Tape Plight of Burmese Child Sex Slaves Revealed  of Pa Pa Win Khin Child 
(PAIRSonnalités) Plight of Burmese Child Sex Slaves Revealed Comments POSSIBLE FRIDAY BY THE LOVE
prostitutes available at $100 a night Myanmar Girls No Sex Scene. Other comments on this video. scary U WILL GET KISSED ON THE NEAREST : the human cost of


Selling-Spring-Sex-Workers-Series 1

Sex worker at a karaoke bar in a remote red light district outside Siem Reap on the way to the temples of Angkor, Cambodia.


Sex and the Burmese City

Sex and the Burmese City

One area of the economy where Cyclone Nargis caused prices to drop

prostitutes isn’t so romantic

THEY’re known fancifully as nya-hmwe-pan, or “fragrant flowers of the night,” although the reality of after-dark life for Rangoon’s increasing number of prostitutes isn’t so romantic.

The number of “fragrant flowers”walking the streets and working the bars of Burma’s major city has reportedly soared since Cyclone Nargis ripped into the Irrawaddy delta and tore families apart. The arrival of desperate young women ready to trade their bodies for the equivalent of two or three dollars has depressed Rangoon prices still further, and the new girls on the block face not only police harassment but the hostility of the “old timers.”

One afternoon in central Rangoon, I went hunting for an interview subject in one of the city’s main thoroughfares, Bogyoke Aung San Street. I didn’t have far to look.

Outside the Thwin cinema, a woman in her forties approached me with the offer of a girl of my choice. She was accompanied by about nine heavily made-up young women, ranging in age from the mid-teens to their thirties.

I chose a girl in her twenties and took her to a brothel posing as a guesthouse, making it clear to her that I only wanted to obtain an interview. She agreed.

The “guesthouse” rented its 30 or so rooms to “short stay” guests, charging 2,000 kyat (US $1.6) for an hour and 5,000 kyat ($4) for the night.

Its corridors reeked of cigarette smoke, alcohol and cheap perfume. Scantily dressed women lounged beyond open doorways, waiting for customers. I was reminded of similar scenes from foreign movies.

Full-time Prostitution

 I rented Room 21, and once inside the young woman introduced herself as Mya Wai. For the next hour or so we talked about her life and her job.

“There are three of us in my family. The other two are my mother and younger brother. My father passed away a long time ago. My mother is bedridden and my brother is also sick. I have to work in this business to support my family,” she told me.

She had not come to Rangoon to escape the aftermath of the cyclone, she said, but lived near the night market of Rangoon’s Kyeemyindaing Township.

Mya Wai described vividly the daily struggle to survive—“I need to make at least 10,000 kyat ($8.50) a day to cover the family food bill, medicines and travel costs.”

She started out at the age of 16 working in a karaoke bar and took up full-time prostitution about one year later.

“My job in the karaoke bar was to sit with the customers, pour their drinks and sing along with them. Sure, they would touch me, but I had to tolerate that.”

She earned a basic monthly salary of 15,000 kyat ($12.50), plus a share of the tips and an additional 400 kyat (33 cents) an hour when entertaining a customer. It wasn’t enough to support herself and her family, so she moved to a massage parlor on War Dan Street in Rangoon’s Lanmadaw Township.

“A couple of days after I started work there, the owner sent me to a hotel, saying I could earn 30,000 kyat ($22.50) from a customer there.”

She was still a virgin and described that experience as “my first night in hell.” Her client was Chinese, a man in his 40s with sexual demands that were strange and painful for young Mya Wai.

“He treated me like an animal,” she said. “I couldn’t walk properly for one week. But I’m used to all that now.”

The interview over, it was dark when we left the guesthouse, and I was alarmed to see two uniformed police officers in the entrance. Soliciting for prostitution is illegal in Burma and the sex trade can also get customers into trouble.

But the guesthouse owner didn’t turn a hair—and it soon became apparent why. To my alarm, he invited them in, sat them down and, after some pleasantries, he handed them a large envelope, clearly containing money. The policemen smiled and left.

“Don’t worry, they’re my friends,” the guesthouse owner assured me.

Brothels masquerading as guesthouses are mushrooming all over Rangoon, despite the difficulty of obtaining licenses. “It’s not that easy,” a guesthouse owner in Insein Township told me. “You have to obtain all kinds of documents from the police and local authorities.”

Once licensed, a guesthouse owner still has to nurture good relations with the neighborhood police, paying annual “levies” ranging from 300,000 kyat ($250) to 1 million kyat ($800). The money buys advanced warnings from the local police if a raid is planned by superior officers.

outside sex workers

 It’s a profitable arrangement for both sides. Guesthouses used by outside sex workers can earn up to 700,000 kyat ($590) a day by renting out its rooms, while an establishment employing its own women can make more than 1 million kyat ($800), sources told me.


Burma, child prostitution

Burma, child prostitution
Screened at Sundance, Sacrifice examines the social, cultural, and economic forces at work in the trafficking of Burmese girls into prostitution in Thailand
Each year thousands of young girls are recruited from rural Burmese villages to work in the sex industry in neighboring Thailand.
Held for years in debt bondage in illegal Thai brothels, they suffer extreme abuse by pimps, clients, and the police.
The trafficking of Burmese girls has soared in recent years as a direct result of political repression in Burma. Human rights abuses, war and ethnic discrimination has displaced hundreds of thousands of families, leaving families with no means of livelihood. An offer of employment in Thailand is a rare chance for many families to escape extreme poverty.


prostitutes in Thailand